Finishing Our Bedroom

101 in 1001 #72: Finish decorating our bedroom, including a new full-length mirror. Completed January 2018

I kind of got on a house decorating kick at the beginning of the year, but this one was especially important to me because the full-length mirror we had was the one I'd bought when I went to college. It was $5, wasn't attached to the wall, was coming apart, and also made you look skinnier. And hey, on some days you'd think that'd be nice, but it was really more of a fun-house effect, ha. I also knew we wanted to have one we could hang on the wall, since Jack's favorite pastime was pulling the other one over on himself. :/ So, off to IKEA we went! And we found a great one. Exhibit A: 
See also: Our lovely closet that doesn't have a door, but it DOES have a window in it (why??)  and our street
has really bright streetlights. So at night, it's like daytime. Hence, the curtain. 


A New Gallery Wall

101 in 1001 #69: Print wedding day photos and hang them. AND #71: Print most recent family pictures and hang them. Completed February 2018

Woohoo! Two completed at once with this one! 

So, this is kind of embarrassing to admit, but up until February of this year, we didn't have ANY pictures of Jack hanging anywhere in our home. Considering by that point he was almost 1.5 years old it was getting pretty ridiculous. I love the look of a gallery wall, and in our first apartment we put up all the pictures that were up at our reception (so not even any from our our actual wedding day!) and called it good for a long time. When we moved, we just basically put them back up in the same way. I knew I wanted to print pictures of our actual wedding day instead of just the bridals, but yet again (as seems to be a recurring theme on this here blog), it just seemed like a super daunting task! Finally, the fact of having a child and actually getting family photos done pushed me to do it, and I love how it turned out. 

Here's what it looked like before...

A Photo Book of Our Wedding Day

101 in 1001 #1: Make a photo book of our wedding day. Complete February 2018

I've been wanting a printed book of all our wedding pictures for the longest time, but the idea of putting it all together felt like an extremely daunting task to me. Also, photo books can get expensive! Luckily, my mom is a scrapbooking pro (she's been doing it since before the computerized versions existed, and the books she created by hand look just as good as these new ones). After Jim and I got married, she actually put a book together for her to keep at her house, and those things save forever if you have a Shutterfly account. Then, she got a 50% off coupon in the mail and offered it to me, and I realized my job was pretty much done for me and I decided I had no more excuses!


New Running Shoes

101 in 1001 #56: Buy some new running shoes. Complete February 2018

Alright, let's just skip all the "sorry I didn't blog for 3 months" stuff because I don't feel like writing out all my excuses. :) I've still been working on my list, though - so I'm gonna get back to documenting!

Since I've been a runner (okay, somewhat off-and-on) since high school, and seeing as my dad is also an avid runner, I've always known I need to replace my shoes about every year or so, depending on how much I've run that year. Well, silly me, but I hadn't gotten new shoes since my last half marathon in 2015 (yikes!) and I had been training for my most recent one with those super old shoes! I was starting to get shin splints and achy knees and all that bad stuff that comes from unsupportive shoes (at least for me). So, I finally buckled down and decided it was time for new ones. 


100 Books in 2017

At the end of 2016, I had a 3 month old baby who wasn't mobile yet, took two 2-hour naps daily, and had a growing fondness for his toys over being held constantly (a preference that continues today).

I was also nursing, and pumping at work twice a week, and generally just spending a lot of time sitting around.

During all that sitting around, I started to spend a looooooot of time scrolling through instragram, to the point that there was nothing new for me to see, because I'd seen it all!

And this is when I decided to make a crazy goal: read 100 books in 2017.

It might sound ridiculous. And honestly, I chose it in part because I thought it was kind of unachievable, but cool to try for, anyway.

What I didn't think about was that 100 books in one year is just under 2 books a week, and with all the sitting I was doing, it just really wasn't all that difficult to accomplish. That is, until the last few months of the year when I suddenly had a mobile, all-over-the-place almost-toddler, who reeeeeeally kept me on my toes.

But by that point I was so close to being done, that I decided to push through and finish, and I feel pretty dang accomplished!

And I may never have the time to do it again :)

Throughout the year I feel like I read a good variety of books. Some were truly amazing, some in between, and some were duds to be sure.

But I wanted to document them, just because.

At first, I was going to list out every single book I read, but I started and... ain't nobody got time for that.

So, instead - check out my entire list here.

And below, I'm going to list some that stood out.