Alright. So I made a blog.

by - 6/28/2009

So. I was at my dear friend Kjarinda's house one fine day, and she said "Ashley, you need to get a blog." So I decided, what the hey. Why not. So I sit here on my computer for nearly an hour and a half trying to set this up, and I get rather frustrated. Why can't I make the template cute? Is there something really obvious I'm missing? I guess so. Cause this is pretty darn ugly. Oh well. At least I have a blog now. And maybe I'll change the background, maybe I won't. But it is finished.

So now that I've got those frustrations out of the way, I'll give the updates. I just finished high school 3 weeks ago, and I can't believe it! I'm finally done with all those dramatic times... hopefully. Maybe. I have no idea. But it feels good. Summer has been going pretty well so far... I guess. I'm just working, working working. And sleeping. And eating. And hanging out with friends occasionally. My job isn't bad.... I get to clean WXHS 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. It's not horrible. I sooo wish I could have a different job though. The people are a wee bit scary and their language is not so great. But I survive. I get paid, and that's when I realize it's all worth it.

I'm really looking forward to college!! I can't believe I'm going so soon! I feel like I'm not even close to being old enough to go out into the world on my own! Scary. I signed up for all my classes... I've found out who my roommates are, and I know where I'm living and everything. It's starting to seem more and more real as time goes by. It'll definitely be a different experience, that's for sure. Well.. My life is pretty boring so that's about it for the time being.

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