by - 7/08/2009

Summer is supposed to be a time to kick back, relax, and enjoy the time away from school. It's supposed to be the time to sleep in, day after day. It's supposed to be the time to play out in the sun all day, letting its warmth and splendor FINALLY wash over you after teasing and tempting you for so long. It's supposed to be blissful. But my summer so far, has been none of these things. I get to spend nearly all my time at a school. 7 am to 3:30 pm. And no, I don't even get to learn exciting new things. I get to clean! Fun, right? I think not. It's pretty much non-stop boredom.

So yesterday was pretty boring, nothing exciting whatsoever had happened. I was cleaning out the faculty room and there was this closet... with another closet inside that had all these files and records of past students and stuff. Intrigue. So I'm just dusting, minding my own business, when I find this box that's marked "April 2007-to be destroyed". So of course this sparks my curiosity. I pull it off the shelf, my heart pounding with anticipation. I had finally found it! The secrets I knew the schools were keeping from us! The things they use to brainwash us; where they actually send the kids when they go to the principals office; what's really in the mystery meat they serve in the cafeteria. I set the box on the floor and pull back the tape, my breath quickening and hands shaking. I open it and....! The words "completed surveys" are staring up at me from about a hundred file folders. I glance through the folders to see if it's only to fool me but, alas. It truly is surveys. Why couldn't I have found the secret box that would self destruct as soon as I opened it? Why couldn't I just have one exciting thing at work for once? Oh. Because I'm a janitor. And janitors are supposed to bored out of their minds. Always. Alright, I'll stop complaining. At least I have a job! I need the money desperately because wow! College is so expensive.

In other news... Jacob C. Juarez, my best friend, left today for the MTC. It's so crazy how quickly the time passed! I'm way excited for him though and wish him the best. I just have to talk about him for a minute. He's such an amazing guy! He's so strong spiritually and I know he will be an amazing missionary! I'm way way excited for him and for all the people he will bring to the gospel. It's weird though, because even though I know he's gone and I won't see him for two whole years and I should be way sad and everything... I'm not. I haven't cried once about him leaving. I've just been all smiles! Who knows why. I find it shocking actually. But maybe it's just because i know everything will be okay no matter what happens in the next 2 years.

I keep thinking, wow, Rob is leaving in like 2 weeks and then everyone will be gone! But then I have to remind myself, everyone my age will be leaving too. This is only the beginning of the multitudes of goodbyes I will be saying to those worthy men being called on missions. It's so crazy I swear I'm not old enough.

Well, that's about it in my life folks. Maybe something exciting will happen to me at some point. I hope so for the sake of anyone actually reading this blog.

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