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by - 10/26/2009

In one of my most favorite classes in high school, Adult Roles/Financial Lit with dear Miss Harbertson, we were shown a wonderful little book. It consisted of entries from people of all ages listing what they had learned throughout their lives that they thought was important. It ranged from things like precious little kids learning that if they hid their broccoli instead of eating it, "Mom gets mad" to a sweet old man learning that every moment with your dear one should be cherished and treasured because you never know which one could be your last. Now, this inspired me to make a list of my own things I have learned throughout my life. Some are silly, some are trivial, and some are really important to me. But here it is, in no particular order:

I have learned...

1. It's a lot harder to wake up for a 9:00 class than a 9:30 class.
2. It's okay to still like Disney Channel when you're college student. :)
3. Snow can be terrible. It can also be the most wonderful thing in the world when you wake up to it on Christmas morning. And the first snow of winter is always magical.
4. Not having a car really isn't that big of a deal.
5. Accomplishing a very difficult goal can be one of the most rewarding things this life has to offer.
6. Music can have a powerful effect on anyone, even a deaf person who can't hear it.
7. The culture, language, and lifestyle of deaf people is incredibly fascinating.
8. Being lazy is rarely ever rewarding.
9. One of the best feelings is the world is coming home, and before anyone says anything to you, the cutest 8-year-old brother ever just runs up and gives you a hug.
10. The smell and feel of the air in Fall is fantastic.
11. Living with roommates can be crazy. It can be hard. It can be amazing. It can even be all those things in a single day.
12. If you haven't been to a Jon Schmidt concert, you're missing out. Trust me, all those feelings of hatred you had when person after person played Waterfall for choir performances completely evaporate when you hear him play it. It's amazing.
13. The right thing to do is often the hardest thing you could ever imagine.
14. It's possible to know you're supposed to marry someone after only knowing them for a day. Happened to my grandparents, and they're going on 56 years of happy marriage.
15. The Scriptures are awesome! You can find answers to anything in there.
16. Mom knows best. Always.
17. If it looks gross, it probably isn't. If it smells gross, though, it probably tastes that way too.
18. Staying up late just to talk about funny times in Elementary School can be rather satisfying.
19. One of the best experiences is watching a newly sealed couple come out of the doors of the temple. They just can't take the grins off their faces.
20. Some people have really strong opinions. Some people voice those very strong opinions all the time. Some people try to tell you that their opinions are better than yours. But no matter how persuasive they are, you are still entitled to your own opinions.
21. Being close with cousins is one of the best things ever. It's like having 20 extra brothers and sisters that just love you for you.
22. Laughter is the best medicine. But tears can be a pretty good medicine, too.
23. Some of my favorite memories are associated with winter. So, every time I feel that cold crisp air or see the snow out my window, I can't help but think about the many happy times.
24. If you're tempted to sleep through class, don't do it. You'll always regret it.
25. Smiling at a person that looks sad can brighten up their day more than you could ever imagine.
26. When in doubt, pray.
27. Ice cream can cure stress. Even when it's cold outside.
28. Change can be really good. It can be scary too, but the scary changes usually have the best outcomes.
29. Attitude changes everything.
30. School really is an amazing opportunity. If you don't take advantage of it, you'll regret it. Think of all the people that can't even ever go to school!
31. Writing is a really good way to let out emotion.
32. Seeing a friend you haven't talked to in a long time is a great feeling.
33. It's okay to be sad sometimes.
34. It's okay to be different. Even if someone laughs at you. Just think - you probably made their day by doing something silly in front of them.
35. Always, always, always bring an umbrella.
36. You haven't lived until you've seen a musical on Broadway.
37. You haven't lived until you've been to New York City.
38. It's okay to not be okay with being asked on a date through a text message.
39. It's okay to want to go on dates sometimes instead of just "hanging out" all the time.
40. Snape is a very bad man.
41. There's something about putting on a pair of sweats that just changes the mood from tense to relaxed.
42. December is the best month of the entire year. Everyone is charitable and happy and the world is brighter - because of all the Christmas lights at night and the sun shining on the snow in those brief winter afternoons.
43. When BYU beats Utah, indescribable exhilaration can and does fill every part of my being. GO COUGARS!
44. Little boys with curly hair are simply adorable.
45. Control+Alt+Delete doesn't fix everything, darn it.
46. Sometimes sitting with a friend and not saying anything says more than any words ever could.
47. Most of the time, the book is a whole lot better than the movie.
48. If you're
really tired, even pinching yourself repeatedly won't keep you awake.
49. If you don't think before you do something, it can turn out really badly.
50. Life is wonderful! But only if you make it that way.

And the list could go on! Those are just the beginning of things I've learned in
my life.

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