Key Points

by - 11/30/2009

The past week and next two weeks of my life have been, and will be,

very busy.

So I thought I'd give the key points of these 3 weeks of my life. Seeing as I will have

no time

until finals are over.

(Finals! Bleck!)

First of all,
The good, the not-so-good, and the interesting of Thanksgiving week

*I had to work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday last week. Even though school was only in session Mon. & Tues.
*Something happened to my tongue. My taste buds are all swollen. And painful.
*I didn't practice at all over the break. (Well, I sort of played the piano a bit, but that's not practicing). No bueno.
*That's all the not-so-good's I can think of. Sweet!

*I've been having really weird dreams lately. Most of the time, they're some combination of Gilmore Girls, Harry Potter, High School flashbacks, Sabrina the Teenage Witch (random), and me being some sort of secret agent. The most recent included Rory Gilmore, Aunt Hilda, and myself chasing Draco Malfoy (bombastically dressed in a neon-green spandex suit) around a hotel while I'm receiving orders through my official-looking ear-piece to find - and vanquish - Voldemort. Weird, I know.

*I got to spend some quality time with my family. They're the best!
*I played in a Turkey Bowl with almost all of my extended family! It was AWESOME! (My team won.)
*My Grandma passed out right as we were about to have Thanksgiving dinner. (You might be thinking, why is this under good? Be patient.) She ended up being completely fine and healthy, after a brief visit from the paramedics to determine if everything was okay. We're all immensely grateful.
*We had an immaculate Thanksgiving dinner. Mmm! I'm still full.
*I went shopping on Black Friday for the first time ever, and got some amazing deals! I'm proud of myself. :)
*I got to see some great old friends Friday night. It was SO good to catch up with them!
*Now, to the most important and best of all:
BYU WON!!!!!!!!!!!
They wore some wicked-awesome Royal Blue jerseys in honor of the 1984 championship team.
And they beat the Utes in overtime 26-23!!!
It was amazing.
(Thanks Cougs! You made my YEAR!)

Now that I'm back in Logan, and reluctantly back to real-life, Here is what I'm facing in the next two weeks:

This intriguing word is defined as: death. Okay, not really. But that's about how I feel about it. I have to play the piano for 5 minutes for the heads of the department. They'll give me a score out of 100, and if I don't pass, I get the boot.

Finals, finals, finals. Why, why, why? I'm really stressin' about these.

A whole lot of studying and no time for fun.
This pretty much speaks for itself.

Maybe I should try to look on the positive side for a minute.
*I only have two more weeks and then I am done with my first semester of college! I can't believe it.
*Once this stress is over, I have a whole month off of school. It's going to be wonderful.
*When school is over, it'll almost be Christmas! (Can't wait!!)

Well, that's about it for now, folks. Hopefully I survive these next two weeks.
But I won't be doing much, if any, blogging.

(Feel free to laugh when I write a new post tomorrow)

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