Not Appreciated

by - 11/10/2009

When I made my decision to come to Utah State, I realized that I would occasionally encounter some people who weren't so friendly toward other schools.
Gotta have pride for your own school, right?

So, one of the first weeks of school, we had a "Blood Battle" with the University of Utah. (A competition to see which school could donate the most blood.)
I was more than pleased to see my school rising up against the Utes. In something.
I even sniggered a little bit when I saw signs around campus displaying the need to crush/beat/kill them.

It was awesome.

But now, we are in a new Blood Battle. With...


Of course we would have to compete with them, too.
It's to be expected.

But I really don't appreciate all the signs I'm seeing around campus now.

"Save A Life, Kill the Cougars"

Of course it's for a good cause, but I cringe every time I see those words.
How could they want to go against my cougars? My Cougars!
Obviously I can't change it. I could expect nothing less. It's just a part of life at USU that I'm going to have to deal with.

Don't get me wrong though, I love it here. Take me to an Aggie Basketball game and -- provided they're not playing BYU -- I'll cheer my heart out for my school.

No matter what though, this will always remain true:

I love the Cougars. I am True-Blue, through-and-through.

Cougars, you have my heart. Don't let me down this year! I'm counting on you!

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