What a Weekend.

by - 11/23/2009

This past weekend, I had the lovely opportunity to go home. On Friday, I got to see my sister and brother in a musical, hear my sister sing a solo (which was AMAZING), headed over to my cousin's wedding reception, then to New Moon later that night (go see it! It's really good!). Then on Saturday, I attended the BYU - Air Force game, in which we kicked their trash! Pretty much. (Let's just do that to the Utes this Saturday, eh, Max-y? Bronco?)

Please enjoy my photo documentation of these events:

Getting ready to go to the musical!

Lovely boys.

This baby girl's got some attitude.

My awesome cousins stole my camera:

My attempts to get a good picture with these crazies:

They had some AMAZING hot chocolate at this shin-dig. We put whipped cream in it. And 'lil Grant came out of it with a mustache.

The beautiful girl cousins; yes, I am the shortest:

Wow, aren't they photogenic?

Ahem. The best part about New Moon. 'Nuff said.

Contrary to what this picture may depict, we were pretty psyched to go watch the Cougars DOMINATE!

The team warming up:

The most ridiculous penalty I've ever heard..
"Unsportsmanlike conduct, Max Hall, Intent to deceive the other team."
Umm.. isn't that the whole point of football? To deceive the other team?
It's okay, Max-y. We still love ya. (Beat the Utes! Beat the Utes!)

My lovely sister, Breanna, landed a lead role in her school play! Her thoughts on the matter:
Mom: "Hey, you know, we're probably going to have to change your piano lessons around because you'll have to be at rehearsal so much."
Breanna: (Dramatic sigh) "Oh, it's so hard being me."
I think she'll be perfect for the role.

Hoo-rah for awesome weekends. Can't wait for this one either! Thanksgiving... Family... BYU vs. Utah... The works. It's gonna rock!

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