The Best Family in the World

by - 12/27/2009 mine!

They're my favorite people. Ever. Especially my extended family on mom's side, who I get to hang out with all the time since they all live in Davis County! They're hilarious. Not to mention ca-razy. Just like me. And that's why I love 'em! Just thought I'd share just a few quotes/random things/funny things that have happened so far over this delightful Christmas break:

1. While watching the BYU bowl game, cousin Dave (15 yrs. old. No, not 5. 15) bit my leg.
"Dave, you bit me!"
"It was an accident....."

2. Cousin Shaylee (7 yrs. old) comes downstairs whilst all of us are gathered around the t.v. watching the Cougars:
"Mom, who are we footballing?"

3. Christmas night, Grandma was opening a present. She pulled out a cute handmade bag. Aunt Brenda said,
"The bottom of the bag's in the bottom of the box."
It had a nice rhythm to it, or so me and 4 of my cousins thought. We all began chanting those words in a nice rap style. Soon Grandpa joined in. We turned to him, surprised. He informed us:
"I'm a rapper on the snapper"
with a huge grin on his face. You go, Grandpa. I think a rapper in his 70's would be a nice change for the music industry.

4. While on the way to cousin McKay's house to celebrate his birthday, I had my camera in the car. I quickly snapped a picture of Jared (12, almost 13. Brother). He promptly said:
"If anybody wants to be deaf, look at that flash on Ashley's camera. That flash makes you deaf."

5. Sunday afternoon, Dad and I were discussing how Christmas seems to be the time to gain a few pounds, considering the assortment of treats constantly available. We quickly came up with new words to one of our favorite Carpenter's Christmas Songs:
"It's Christmas time and time for a belly. Time to eat... and eat and eat and eat. Just fill me up, I'll roll like a barrel. Let's have ourselves a treat!"

6. Christmas Eve, we have a progressive dinner. (Appetizer and Christmas music recital at house #1, Soup and Nativity reenactment at house #2, and Dessert and new Christmas PJ's at house #3.) While we go from house to house, we usually like to pick a different car to ride in. This time I chose my own, and I had the privilege of being in the car with Phillip (14), Jared (12), Matthew (12), and Grant (8). And my parents. The boys started screaming a song they had learned in school, I quickly caught on and the little kid in me jumped out and joined in:
"Dradle, dradle, dradle, I made it out of clay. Dradle, dradle, dradle, and now it's time to play!"
Let me tell you, my dad sure loved this. He turned The Osmond Christmas music blaring from the speakers up so loud we couldn't even hear ourselves.

7. Breanna (sister, 10 yrs old) was telling us of a time she was at a party and something very unfortunate happened. All of a sudden, Jared (brother, 12) says:
"Wait, what happened?"
Breanna replies, very defiantly, with:
"I didn't kill anyone at the party, I just peed my pants!"
We all about peed our pants at that one.

8. For some reason, I've acquired quite the habit of adding the word "Dogger" to people's names over the break. For example:
You get the idea.
I have no idea what it is about my family, but the weirdness comes out in full force whenever I'm home. An exchange that happened as we were preparing to head home Christmas Eve:
"No, just do it with one syllable. Like, Ash-Dogger. It sounds better."
"Okay, Ash-Dogger."
I turn to Cousin John (18)
Moment of silence. John lifts up his shirt, touches his stomach. Says:
Um... weirdest, most random thing ever? Possibly. But we were laughing our heads off.

There were so many more things that were said, done, etc. over this break that I could share, but I'm afraid I may have scared anyone not a member of this crazy family. You're probably thinking: wow, these people need to be checked into a mental hospital. They're insane. Well, yep. We are. But we sure have fun together! I can't imagine my life without these people!! I'm incredibly blessed to live so near all of them. They brighten every single day. I rarely go a day without talking to at least one of them. The bond we share is something amazing.

It makes me sad to think that we're all getting older. That already, 3 of my dear cousins are married off and living far away. That in 5 years or so, the majority of us will be on missions, in college, married, in different places. That we won't be able to all be together so much. That's why I cherish every moment I have with them! They're all my absolute best friends. And we're all a bunch of crazies... But I wouldn't, couldn't ask for a better family.

The girls in our new pj's. Cute, eh? (By the way, I chopped my hair. More on that later.)

The presh boys.

John and Shaylee

Dave, Lexie, and Uncle Daken in the background (he always has to wear his apron).... So cute.

The classic end of the Nativity group photo. (I'm the star!)
Aren't they great? Love 'em!

All photos taken by Uncle Mike.

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