by - 12/15/2009

Have you ever been so insanely curious about something

and you REALLY want to talk to a certain person about the thing of which you're curious
because they will surely have the answers
but they won't talk!?!?!
that's what's happening to me right at this very moment.
I would give details, but I don't want to broadcast something that might not be true.
Plus, it's not really for me to say, since I'm not involved, at all.

And yes, that was very vague.. and weird. And it's probably making you, the reader, very curious too.

Or just annoyed at such a boring, obscure post.
Well, truth is, I haven't exactly been feeling inspired (blog-wise) lately.
Maybe it's that I've had soooo much going on these past few weeks.
Soooo much meaning finals. And lots and lots of work.
So my life has been pretty unexciting; though stressful.
Thus, no inspiration for deep or witty blog posts.
My days consist of sleep, eat, work/study.
And even though the study part is over for now, I still have work. 10 am to 5 pm.
Sitting in front of a computer.
Maybe that's why I haven't wanted to blog.
Because I'm on the computer. All Day.
I get so bored, guess what made me laugh today?
I was typing up names of people who had their pictures taken at a little place called Compton Studios in the Logan area in about 1940. I came across this name:

Hill, Billie.

And I laughed my head off for a whole minute.
That's how bored I was today.
Plus, I get a major case of T.B. (tired bum, yes I know you wanted that image) sitting in that chair all day long.
I want to be home....
But no, I'm stuck here. In Logan. Working, working, working.
At the Campus Library.
Which, why on earth is the campus library even open when school is not in session?
I walk in, and it is literally
Absolutely void of all patrons, what-so-ever.
Duh. Who would need a campus library when they didn't have school?
Right now I almost wish I was back janitoring.
(Can you believe I just said that???)
Because there, at least I was doing something, instead of sitting on my rump all day.
Okay, that's not true. I actually really like my job.
I'm just in the middle of an extremely boring project at the moment.
And doing it all day isn't exactly peachy.
Every work day can't be fabulous, right?
I don't really know what the point of this post is...
But it sure was great to vent.
I actually feel a whole lot better.
Peace, peoples!

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