I Think I'm Ready

by - 12/07/2009

Two tests down, three to go.

Took two today, taking two tomorrow, one on Thursday.
I have been absolutely studying my brains out.
It's a little disconcerting. I've never studied this hard in my life.
I'm one of those girls who did the bare minimum in high school and still got pretty good grades. But, news flash! That doesn't work too well in college. Oh, how I wish it did. I so wish I could sleep through all my classes, laze around all day, and still ace all my tests. Alas, no such luck. I've been slaving away the whole semester, with barely any time to myself. (ahem.. that might be a slight exaggeration, considering I've found time to watch The Office every Thursday night this semester, as well as 3 entire seasons of Gilmore Girls; not to mention blogging, reading, writing, etc.)
The point I'm trying to make here is this: this semester has been one of the most challenging experiences of my life. But I've loved almost every minute of it. I have learned so much about myself. And I'm really starting to like the person I've become. Now if I can survive these next few days, I will bask in the glory of an entire month of absolutely no school. But mark my words, I'll be ready when the time for classes rolls around again. I love learning! I'm filled with overwhelming excitement every time I'm presented with a new idea; especially in psychology or music. This life is simply fascinating to me!
Today, I think I exhausted every part of me that was compelled to study. I studied for nearly 5 hours today, on top of the two tests I took. And I'm ready!! I am so ready. I don't think I could learn a single thing more even if I glanced through my study guides for only a minute. But there's that little nagging suspicion inside me that's telling me I'll do horribly. I've never been a good test-taker. But, I know without a doubt, that if I pray my hardest to the Heavenly Father I know loves me, I will do my best. And through his help, I will accomplish the things that I need to.
So, I am ready. So very ready.

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