I Wasn't Going to do This...

by - 12/01/2009

But I just couldn't hold it in.

Dear BYU Cougar Football Team,

Thank you for winning on Saturday. The way you came back in the end to pull off a win in overtime was fantastic. I was overjoyed. Those throwback royal blue jerseys filled me with delight as I watched you honor the 1984 champs.

Dear Manase Tonga and Harvey Unga,

Thank you for scoring two touchdowns to go towards our winning score.

Dear Mitch Payne,

Thank you for not missing those field goals.

(Dear Kyle Whittingham, thanks for calling a time-out to try to psyche us out right as he missed the field goal.)

Dear Cougar Defense,

I wish you wouldn't have let the Utes come back and tie it in the end of the 4th quarter. But you are forgiven, we still won.(!!!!!!!!!)

Dear Andrew George,

Thank you for scoring the winning touchdown!!!!!! You're my hero of this game. Way to go, man!

and, finally....
Dear Max Hall,

It wasn't your best game ever. But you did the best you could and helped bring our Cougars to victory! Thank you.
You shouldn't have said those things you said about the Utes. But you apologized. I forgive you. Thanks for putting forth your best efforts in becoming one of the greatest QB's in BYU history. We'll miss you.

photo credit goes to www.deseretnews.com. to see the article i got them from go here

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