In Loving Memory

by - 12/02/2009

You were always there for me.


Played, joked, laughed together

Shared secrets

Had sleepovers, watched chick flicks, ate junk food

Giggled about our current or past crushes

Wrote silly notes to each other

Went to E.F.Y.

Stayed up all hours of the night

Cried on each other's shoulders when things went terribly wrong

Laughed ourselves silly about the simplest of things

Wrote a story about 3 cool guys named Matt, John, and George

Fought over boys -- one in particular

Listened to music

Played goofy games

We were the best of friends.


Were taken, suddenly, from this world on December 2, 2007

Were, and are, an amazing friend and wonderful example

Had a tremendous effect on hundreds of people

Are deeply missed.


You are where you're supposed to be. And I'm quite sure you're happy.

Thanks for being there for me and the countless friends you left behind.

You're on to bigger and better things now, girl.
Love you Kristy! Always will.

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