Oh, Sweet Victory

by - 12/22/2009

I nearly cried as I watched the end of that Las Vegas Bowl tonight. I'm really, really gonna miss those seniors.

Those guys, especially Tonga, Pitta, and Hall are the members of the team that truly began my love for football. All my life I've known my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. were completely obsessed with the Cougars, but I would usually go off and play dolls with 2 of my cousins and sister while the rest of them screamed and hollered at the television.

About 3 years ago, however, I conceded to watch the BYU - Utah football game. I was surprised at how exciting it actually was. Though I hardly understood any of what was going on, I was enthralled by the excitement and the energy I could feel coursing through that room full of die-hard Cougar fans. When I watched Harline catch that impossible winning touchdown on his knees in the absolute end of that 2006 game, my interest was sparked.

The next year, I began faithfully watching every game. I sat next to my dad and asked him what various things meant, what the rules were, and so on. Once I had it all figured out, I was completely hooked. The excitement of it totally had me under it's grasp and I loved it.

I realize that being so obsessed with something might not be smart, and the fact that losing a game makes me want to throw up isn't exactly healthy. But I can't help it -- I love the Cougars!! It's so deeply ingrained in me. I couldn't possibly feel any other way. Congratulations Cougars on a fantastic season! Congratulations Max Hall for being the Winningest Quarterback in BYU history (I don't care what anyone else says, I love ya)! GO COUGARS!!!! You made me proud this year, especially the seniors. Thanks for helping me realize that football isn't just some boring game.

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