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It may seem silly, but I love this show. It never ceases to bring a smile to my face. From the ridiculously cheesy dialogue to the absurdly recurrent happy endings, I find immense joy in watching those 6 kids and their maybe-too-friendly principal go through amusingly exaggerated high school experiences. Though I've seen every episode plenty of times, I still love to tune in to this sappy sitcom on very frequent occasions.
The antics of Zack and Screech crack me up every time; not to mention Screech's outrageous wardrobe. I also chuckle at the way these 6 characters are involved in everything. Glee Club, Football, Wrestling, Student Council, Band/Orchestra, Science Club... and more. How I love Kelly, the glamorous cheerleader and homecoming queen; Jessie, the brainy, feministic, and powerful; Lisa, the fashion-obsessed and Screech-hating; Slater, the buff, athletic and first competition for Zack; Screech, the brainy-yet-stupid one who's always giving away the secrets; Zack, the girl-obsessed, prank-pulling, will-do-anything-to-get-out-of-school.
Slater and Jessie's relationship is beyond comical; one of the most outrageous moments between them being when Jessie ever so tactfully spray-paints his locker with the words "Death to Slater" when she thinks his affections are turning toward another girl. Mr. Belding, their principal, who doubles as guidance counselor, best friend, and mentor is absolutely crazy, with that high-pitched laugh that is surely never to have been heard from anyone else's mouth. Screech is constantly fighting for Lisa's affections to which she always responds with a condescending air that never seems to phase him. Zack seems to date - and kiss - every girl in the school; including all the girls in their group of oddly matched friends, but ends up with Kelly -- they actually get married! Who hears of that on T.V. anymore? I could go on for quite some time about this program, but I'll leave it at this: It's hilarious, squeaky-clean, and absolutely ridiculous. But today, as it has many other days in the past, it provided me with some much-needed laughter as I let out the stress from finals. (only one more to go!) Thanks, Bayside kids! I sure love ya.

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