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by - 12/16/2009

  • I really like winter, actually. I think snow is beautiful. But I'd much appreciate it if any fierce blizzards that are in the making would wait to come 'til Friday night at 8-ish, since I'll be driving in it until then.
  • My hair is driving me ABSOLUTELY INSANE. It's been in a ponytail almost every day for the past 3 weeks. I think it's time for a choppin'.
  • Umm, there are only 8 days until Christmas and I really haven't said much about it on my blog. Chello! There's a problem there. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. I'll think on it and write a great Christmas post. Deal?
  • I finally figured out how to braid my bangs and have it look cute! I'm so proud, especially since I taught myself!
  • I miss BYU football already. I know there's one more game, but the season kind of loses its excitement for me after the Utah game.
  • I wish I could write beautiful, heartwarming posts like Jalene, Lindsay and Naomi...
  • I have a weakness for Ben & Jerry's ice cream.
  • I really really love the dress I picked out to get for Christmas. I can't wait wait to get it!!
  • Only 2 more days of work!! Yahoo!!!!!!
  • My favorite piano in the Fine Arts Center now makes a really annoying twangy sound whenever I play the lowest E. Urgh. I'm bothered.
  • Best phone conversation ever, as follows.
Dad: Hello?
Me: Hi!
Dad: Helloooo! How are you?
Me: I'm great!! And how are you?
Dad: Just great, thank you. This is an annoying conversation, isn't it?
Me: Haha, kind of.
Dad: You're calling because I called you earlier, huh?
Me: Yes siree.
Dad: Well, then I'm guessing it would help if I could remember why I called you.
Me: Aww, you don't remember?
Dad: Nope. And it was probably so I could tell you something really profound and inspiring, or something that would've changed your life... Or something you would've just rolled your eyes at.
Me: Probably. You really don't remember?
Dad: I can't even remember what I did two minutes ago!!
And, etc. I love my dad! He always makes me laugh.

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