Happy Birthday, Dad-o!

by - 1/08/2010

mom and dad in Hawaii

The one request I often hear from my dad:

“When am I going to be in your blog?”

I always skated around the question, never giving him a direct answer.

I gave a little sneak peek at the end of this post just so he’d get off my back, but I wanted to save the first – and best – for now.

Let me introduce you to my dad.

It’s impossible to know him without recognizing that he is a huge BYU football fan. He invests his whole heart into those games. He’s jubilant when they win, disconsolate when they lose. He spends hours discussing the players, tactics, wins/losses, etc. with my mom, and anyone else who will listen. He inquires after every poor boy that comes to take my sister or I on dates (sometimes much to our dismay), “What team do you cheer for?” then teases them mercilessly if they root for the Utes. Though these petrified boys seem scared out of their wits, we know he’s only kidding.
Favorite thing about Dad #1: He always tells us kids exactly what to say to any snarky comments about BYU. No matter what is thrown at us, my siblings and I are fully equipped with sure-fire answers to respond with that will not offend.

He is a hard worker. Not a Saturday morning goes by without hearing “Let’s clean this house, boys and girls. Mom, give ‘em their jobs.” and we work, work, work until the house is spotless. Dad wouldn’t have it any other way. You might have heard some grumbling from me when I was younger (and maybe you still would).

Favorite thing about Dad #2: He’s taught me the value of hard work. Even though I might not always love it, I know that if I get a job done, and do it well, I’ll feel much happier than if I’d taken the easy way out.

Dad is a technology wiz (or computer geek, as I like to call him).Ask him anything about computers, he knows it. Last year he spent countless hours researching and going to multiple stores in search of the perfect home-theater set up for our basement. Once he found it, there was no stopping him until he had everything installed (he did most of it himself!) and let me tell you, he did great. He loves to inhabit that basement with his laptop in tow as he blasts sound through the house with his favorite Blu-Ray movie.

Favorite thing about Dad #3: He always knows what to do when your computer, iPod, phone, T.V., etc. is broken. I know I can call him anytime and he’ll help me the best he can.

Dad loves music – especially Billy Joel. I can recall many a time where he’d crank up the tunes and we’d have dance parties in the kitchen. He introduced me to some of my favorite singers/bands of all time: Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Santana, and so on. He’s also a big-time fan of Christmas music. I may have mentioned before, but he likes to turn it on around Halloween and keep it going through January.

Favorite thing about Dad #4: He’s taught me to like a whole variety of music. I never get bored with his music selection – It’s so ample and diverse with its fair share of classics and modern.

He loves to laugh and tell jokes. The moment any of us hear a great joke, he’s the one we tell it to first cause we know he’ll laugh. He’s quick-witted and laughs at nearly anything. I recently introduced him to MLIA and he’s been reading it with delight every day since.

Favorite thing about Dad #5: His sense of humor is spectacular. He’s always in the mood for a good laugh and makes sure that we are too.

The most important things of all:

  • The gospel is important to him, and he’s taught his children accordingly.
  • He loves his family.
  • He cares about people.
  • He has excellent advice.
  • He’s the best dad a girl could ask for.
I love you, Dad! You deserve the best day possible.

Happy Birthday!

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  1. You obviously have the best Dad ever!!

    I love you too Ashley. Thanks for this. You made my birthday a great one!!!

  2. This is wonderful Ashley! I love your writing and everything you had to say about your Dad, I agree, he is wonderful!



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