I'm Losing It

by - 1/28/2010

I've come to the conclusion that I have two parts to my brain.

One part takes care of all the school/work/stress-related stuff

And the other part takes care of all the little things.

I've also come to the conclusion that the part over the little things suffers greatly when I'm in school.

I'm 3 weeks in and I've already lost my mind. Or just everything I own.

Over the past fortnight I've lost my water bottle, umbrella, iPod, gloves, and earmuffs.

Luckily, I recovered the first three, but the other two are nowhere to be found.

The gloves' disappearance was the by far the strangest. I was walking out of the institute building while holding said gloves, trying to get my headphones in my ears, and balancing my water bottle. Once I got my headphones in and got situated, I looked down at my ungloved hands, expecting those gray fleece lovelies to be residing somewhere in that general vicinity. But they were gone! Poof! I looked in my pockets, searched my bag thoroughly, but they're still M.I.A.

I probably just dropped them. But I didn't have time to go back and look because I was already pushing it to get to work on time. The strange part about it, though, is that I didn't even notice when they slipped through my fingers.

Like I said, I'm losing my mind. Miraculously, though, my school brain has been pretty organized. I got 100% on a quiz today, which was wonderful. But that other part of me is slowly ebbing away, I think.

Hopefully I can keep track of my more valuable possessions (like my laptop that I carry with me everywhere).

Ah! I can't wait for the weekend when I'll have a little break... Cause next week is going to be even crazier than this one. I'll tell you about it at some point. But right now, I'm off to study!!

3 quizzes in 3 different classes in 3 days really takes a toll on me, just so you know.

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