I Really Do Love Them

by - 1/13/2010

I really really love little kids.

I love their innocence, their enthusiasm, their free spirits, their frequent laughter, their mischievousness (though I might not like this trait as much when I'm a mother), their imaginations, their pure love for people, their absence of qualms about what people think of them.

I had forgotten how much I loved them.

When I found out I would be required to teach private lessons as well as assist group lessons for children taking piano through the USU Youth Conservatory this semester, I wasn't too excited. My past experiences with teaching haven't exactly been phenomenal. As I trudged into the class I was assigned to assist, I wasn't expecting what I saw:

6 darling, vivacious, precious, adorable children, who were so excited to learn and play games and who instantly took a liking to me. Me!

They were latched to my side from the moment I was introduced, and for the rest of the class they all begged to have me (me!) as their helper.

It was so sweet. My attitude changed completely. I'd forgotten that kids could be so fun. I'd forgotten that I actually like to teach!

I think I'm going to love this semester.

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