by - 2/24/2010

Okay, this girl right here:
is quite possibly my very best friend.

I met Rylee in junior high and we became friends right off.

We've shared countless memories together.

We can talk for hours. And I mean hours.

I am completely myself around her.

I think the thing that's so great about her is the fact that I can go months without seeing or talking to her, and when I see her again there's no awkwardness or barriers, we're exactly the same as if we'd never been apart.

We just get each other.

We have very similar personalities, and we act like total goofs whenever we're together...

Which is one of the many reasons why I love her.

Plus, tonight, I was completely 100% out of foodstuffs and she drove me ever-so willingly to the store, and made me dinner and turned my real grumpy mood into a psycho/happy/laughing-every-5-seconds one. (We got some pretty funny looks from fellow Walmart customers as we were acting completely insane.)

Seriously, if it weren't for her, I'd probably be laying in my bed crying right now.
(cause I was super-duper moody today)

Thanks Ry!

You da best.

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