Buzz, Buzz

by - 2/02/2010

What do you think of when you hear the word "hive"?

Usually, something of this sort comes to my mind:

Ick. I hate those little things. Even in cartoon form.

However, since Friday, the only thing that comes to my mind regarding the word "hive" are those little itchy red bumps that can surface on your skin due to allergic reactions, stress, or a number of other things. My stomach and back have been covered with said bumps for 5 days now, and although I've been taking Benadryl faithfully, they still haven't gone away (I won't be providing a picture, since the sight makes me slightly nauseous). The one thing the Benadryl has succeeded in is filling my mind with, to quote J.K. Rowling, "an unidentifiable buzzing". (HP 4, couldn't tell you the exact page, but it's said in the part where Harry and Hermione are researching a way to get past the dragon in the first task.) I notice this mainly when I take two of these pills at once during the daytime, which I have since stopped doing. This may have been solved had I looked harder for a non-drowsy medicine, but Walmart didn't seem to have that particular variety.

As I've been terribly, horribly, awfully itchy these past few days, I haven't exactly been a happy camper (being itchy is one of the things I hate the most). So after some prodding and nudging from mom and a few friends, I asked for a blessing from my Bishop on Sunday. It was so comforting to feel the power of the Priesthood. However, I wasn't too thrilled when I heard the words "you will have the patience to get through this trial". Grrrrreat. That surely means they're gonna stick around for a while.

But hey, that's life. We've all got to learn to be patient. I guess as long as I can keep my mind clear and focus on the positive and the many, many, many things I have to do this week, I'll be just fine.

Speaking of focusing on the positive, my mom had a stroke of brilliance in something she told me the other night. I was having a bit of a hard time with all the things on my plate, and I was talking (venting more like) to her on the phone. After listening to me for quite some time, she said, "Why don't you try thinking about the positive things from all of this? I think it will help you a lot." It seems like a pretty obvious thing, right? It's something I've been told countless times. But as I've just spent most of this post complaining, I'll try to turn to the positives at the conclusion.

For Example,

I may have an itchy rash all over my mid-section, but at least I have medicines, doctors, priesthood holders, prayer, and multiple other resources to help me get through this.

And hey, I could be a lot worse off.

In the meantime, I'll try, try, try to remember this:

"One reason we experience adversity is to accomplish the Lord's own purposes in our life that we may receive the refinement that comes from testing."

Though I may be having a bit of a rough patch at the moment, it's all happening for a reason, and I'll be stronger for it! (I just hope it ends soon!)

Peace out, peoples.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Oh no, Ashley! I hope it's all better by now and you are on the mend! That is no fun at all. Good luck with all you do, you are amazing and you had better not forget it!!!

  2. Umm.... I'm in your header.

    I feel so cool.

    Love you!


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