Migraines = Death.

by - 2/20/2010

And I haven't had one in the longest time.

But of course, one decides to come along while I'm (somewhat) diligently working on my homework.

That telltale sign of the lights pop, pop, popping in front of my right eye, making it nearly impossible to see my computer screen,
The left side my head beginning to fill with a searing, pounding pain,
My thoughts turning to absolute mush....

Causing me to write the same sentence with the words in a different order 3 times in a row.

As I cast my computer aside and laid with my eyes closed on the floor, my fantastic father quickly ran to the store to buy some Excedrin to end my suffering.

By the time I took the medicine, however, the pain was at it's climax. I became very delirious. I recall saying something like
"I feel like there's fire burnin', fire burnin' in my eye socket."


As I lay on the couch though, my absolutely wonderful mom spent nearly an hour proof-reading and helping me fix the essay I'd practically destroyed.

Now, after about 3 whole hours of laying like a zombie on the couch,

I feel much, much better.

And man, am I grateful I was at home when this all happened! My parents pretty much saved my life. I have the best mom and dad in the world.

Anyway, sorry for being a not-so-great blogger lately.... I've had a stressful couple of weeks.

Also, sorry for complaining a lot.... my life really is great for the most part! I promise.

Love ya, friends! and thanks for reading.

Next post will be incredibly upbeat! Hopefully. :)

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