Sometimes I Make Life Harder Than it Should Be.

by - 2/10/2010

I'm usually a very happy, easy-going person.

Most things don't get my shorts tied up in knots.

I try to look for the positive things in life.

However, sometimes, I just get....



Positively Peeved.

For example, I had some very set plans for this evening.

And I was really excited for them.

But then I found out that they were altered. Without my knowledge.

Not in a horrible way, but not exactly to my liking.

So, as I grudgingly climbed in a car with a few too many people,

I didn't have a very good attitude.

I was quite ready to pout for the next 2 hours.

But once the night got going,

I found my mouth slowly stretching into a little half-smile.

And then it got bigger

and bigger

and bigger

until I was positively beaming with intermittent chortles, and even guffaws.

My attitude had completely changed,

despite my valiant efforts to be grumpy.

Just shows that sometimes I need to

get over myself and simply enjoy things as they come.

Even though it's extraordinarily difficult to do,

Life is always better with a smile on your face.

Or... a big hyper expression. ^
I miss these kiddos a lot today! I'm going to see them this weekend though, and I'm so excited. No friend can ever replace the love from a brother or sister. (Even if they tell me it's annoying when I act like their second mom. Hey, I'm the oldest. I can't help it, okay? Love you guys!)

Thanks for readin'!

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  1. Dear Ashley,
    I miss you.
    That's all.
    Don't be grumpy!


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