Thank You for Coming, March...

by - 3/02/2010

....please, please, please continue to bring warmer weather with you!

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday by a gloriously warm first day of March. I even shed my coat as I was walking to and from class (!!!), and that is a big deal in Logan, folks. However, today it was much colder, with clouds hovering in the sky and threatening to rain (snow, more like) on my blissful, joyous parade.

This is the time of year when Mother Nature starts to tease me mercilessly. She stands on her tiptoes and reaches as high as she can to get to a balmy 40º or even 50º for just long enough that I dare to break out my sandals. But then she snatches my hopes and dreams out from under me as a bitter cold wind rushes in and I wake up to find frost (snow, more like) covering the grass.

Goodness, I am ready for SPRING!! It's such sensational season. I love to see the world come back to life, literally and figuratively. As soon as the weather starts getting warmer, and the flowers and grass start peeking out from behind their winter hiding places, the people come too. Disconsolate desolation is replaced by heavenly habitation when spring comes out to play.

I can't wait for the days when I can
  • Put my winter coats, hats, gloves, boots out of my sight for a good 6 months
  • Exercise outside without the immediate feeling that my lungs have frozen over
  • Rest my back against a tree and get lost in a beautiful book
  • Breathe in the fantastically fragrant air as the scents of newly budding flowers and trees travel in the breeze
  • Wear sandals, feel warmth on my toes, and actually have a reason to paint my toenails

Hurry please, spring!! I am beyond ready. (and so over this winter business.)


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  1. I completely agree. I can't wait either. I really liked this post. :)

  2. Love this! I couldn't agree more! It's starting to warm up here in Salt Lake and I'm loving it! Spring Fever is setting in!


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