An Ode to my iPod

by - 4/08/2010

This cute little guy,
formally known as Mr. I. P. Dizzle,
has been with me for 3 years now.

He's been so good to me.

So good in fact, that I feel my appreciation can only be expressed in poetry form.

Here goes:

"An Ode to my iPod"
by Ashley Benjamin

I opened you that Christmas morn'
So many years ago
And from that moment on, I swore
To always have you in tow.

You came with me to many places,
We traveled far and wide,
You also helped me fall asleep
As you slept right by my side.

You took care of all my favorite songs
From Josh Groban to Michael Jackson
And every time I'd listen
It was much to my satisfaction.

I'm sorry I was not kind to you
At night when I'd move about,
For many times I would wake up
And from my bed you'd be without

I fear that those sad times
Are what has made you lose your light,
For now each time I listen
You are putting up a fight.

Your sound is feeble, though I know
You wish to push much harder
Your journey as part of my life
Will not go much farther.

So now I say, as we part,
That you have served me well.
Of a better first iPod
I surely could not tell.

Thanks for putting up with me,
Though you often slipped through my fingers,
My heart has a special spot for you, I.P.,
And that's where you'll always linger.
©Ashley Benjamin - 2010

So it's a pretty lame/silly poem, I know.
But seriously, I love that little guy.
And his headphone jack, along with everything else, is slowly dying.
Sad, right? I think so. I will miss him.

P.S. Is it weird that I'm referring to my iPod as though it is a living, breathing, person??
And that I took pictures with it?
Maybe just a little?

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2 comment{s}

  1. I would do the same thing, don't worry. I very much enjoyed this.

  2. Hi Ashley,
    I'm Elijah Hess's cousin and you commented on my blog a while back. I thought I'd come over and visit you today. Love your blog and THIS POEM - fabulosity! :) Keep up the good writing.

    P.S. I don't think it's weird. I refer to my camera as a person and I'm perfectly normal (ha)


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