Fare Thee Well, Dear June.

by - 6/30/2010

Wow. Can you believe that June is basically over?
I can't.
Time sure flies when you're.........
working every minute of your life.

I just wanted to say thanks to this month of June, (because I enjoy thanking inanimate objects. Or months. Is a month an object?)
for it brought me many things:

My first sunburn of the year

The return of my freckles (trust me, they were disappearing. But the dear old sun brought them back in just one hour of exposure)

A (kind of guilty pleasure) love for a new show (I promise I only watch it to drool over the attractive males. Wait, that sounds even more shallow than it already is to like the show... Oh well.)

A birthday -- I turned 19! I can't believe it... I swear I'm not that old.

The most divine birthday cake my mother has ever made for me:

Three-layered chocolate cake with creme filling, and homemade chocolate frosting. Oh my goodness. I might've had like 5 gigantic pieces.

A guitar, for my birthday, which I loooooooove. However, I am also terrible at it. Teaching yourself is hard. I can play five chords though. Yay!

Intense left hand finger pains, from said guitar, as well as quite a bit of confusion. (The finger numbers are different than piano finger numbers! Yeah, you try erasing 12 years of being taught that your thumb is 1, not your pointer finger.)

A reunion with these beauties:
Oh, how I dearly, dearly love them. Can't wait to live with them again in the fall!

The discovery that I kind-of, sort-of, maybe, just might like my job a teensy weensy bit. It's really not that bad. Especially when I have a good attitude. And, it provided one of the greatest laughs I've had in a long time. Story time! Whilst cleaning WX, I spied a wee little boy walking around down the hall, without any adult supervision in sight. I worried that he was lost, so I went to check and see if I could help him find his parents. After a few minutes of searching, I decided to see if he knew any information that could help. "Hey buddy, what's your dad's name? Can you tell me? It'll help us find him." "Umm, yes... his name is Daddy." HAHA! Okay, maybe you had to be there, but it was so cute and so hilarious. Luckily, we found his mom right around the corner and all was well. But I laughed so hard.

A farewell to a dear friend that I have known for years and years - (The lovely boy directly to my left.):

(photo taken by the awesome, and uber talented, Anna James in NYC in 2009)

I have been friends with Jordan since 9th grade. And while our friendship has ebbed away a bit over the years, I still consider some of my memories with him as favorites. He is the craziest, most hilarious guy you'll ever meet. And we used to spend hours and hours talking on the phone, believe it or not. He's great. And his farewell talk was so great. And I'll miss him.

A surgery on my gum, to remove a cyst the size of my thumb that has been forming in there for at least a year. Sick, huh? I'm fine though! Thankfully. And I got to spend 3 days on the couch with a lazy bum and a poofy face. It was lovely. (Sorry, folks. No pictures of my poofy face.)

A loss of 5 pounds in one week, resulting from the surgery and the fact that I had absolutely no appetite for 5 days. It was a nice way to kick off my weight loss goals! (If I can keep it off)

The one-year anniversary of the death of one of my favorite artists of all time. R.I.P. Michael Jackson. I just may be obsessed with him. Well, his talent at least. The way he changed the music & music video industry, his inventive dance moves, his unique and amazing voice. And hey, you can check out all of his videos in one convenient place! Here. My favorites? Beat It, Black or White, Blood on the Dance Floor, Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough, Jam, Remember the Time, Rock With You, You Rock My World, and, of course, Thriller. He was one talented guy. A complete weirdo, yes. But incredibly, amazingly talented.

And, finally, although June brought me plenty more things that I haven't mentioned, June brought me this video.
Their singing, their outfits, I absolutely love. The weird/freaky/circus-act/gymnastics? Don't quite know how I feel about those. But I was glued to the screen with a mixture of awe and bewilderment the whole time I watched it. You just kind of need to watch:

And, on that interesting note, I hope you all had a happy June!

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  1. Pretty much, I love you. Cherish your youth. I'll be TWO DECADES in a few months. JK LOLZ. Really though, you're awesome.


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