by - 6/04/2010

I'm driving to work the other day, just minding my own business.
I pick up my phone, purely to check the time.
2:22 pm. Gotta hurry.
I set my phone down next to the cup holder (not in it, for some reason.)
I round a corner, and my phone goes flying under the passenger seat.
Hmph. I'm already running late. Hopefully I have time to get it when I get to work.
Get off at the off-ramp, and the light turns red right as I reach the intersection.
I have enough time to grab it, right?
I reach my hand through the tiny space underneath the passenger seat and begin searching for my dropped phone.
Can't feel it anywhere. Oh well. I'll get it once I get to work, the light's probably going to turn green any second anyway.
I start pulling my hand out, and what do I find?
IT'S STUCK! My arm, half-way up my forearm was completely stuck underneath the seat and I was at such an awkward angle there was no way I would be able to drive myself to anywhere safe without the use of my right hand.
Panic flooded over me as I yanked, pulled, twisted, slithered, basically used any movement possible to try to wrench my arm free from its death trap.
Thoughts began racing through my head about what I could do if I couldn't get free before the light turned green.
Turn on hazard lights?
Try to drive while turned completely sideways?
Pray my little heart out and hope I'd be okay?
I decided to pray, as I continued to pull on my arm with all my might.
Finally, as I was about to begin a full blown freak-out session, I got my arm free.
And, seconds later, the light turned green.
Once I got to work, I looked behind the passenger seat and there was my phone, sitting on the floor, far past what I could have reached from going under the front.
Of course.
Moral of this story?
Being patient and waiting to grab my phone 'til I got to work would have been a good start.
Also, prayer can fix anything.
And I am a firm believer in that.
Most of all, though, I'm just grateful I didn't have to worry about being in that position when the light turned green.

Talk about stressful.

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2 comment{s}

  1. This was such a stressful post.
    I'm like sweating now.
    I thought for sure you were going to get hit by a car or something.
    I'm glad you are safe.

  2. LOVE the new layout!!! It is so cute!!! :) And you are simply lovely. I'm glad you were able to get your phone. That is a stressful situation for sure. :)



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