Summer Goals

by - 7/14/2010

1. Read like crazy!
Status: completed two books and started a third. Hmm, not going too well.

2. Cook like crazy!
Status: I've cooked countless desserts. Let's just say, I'm becoming a pro at that. Actual meals, however.... not so pro.

3. Run like crazy!
Status: Actually, this one is going very well. I've only missed 4 days, and that was because of my surgery. Hobble Creek Half Marathon, August 21st, here I come!

4. Practice like crazy!
Status: Meh. Well, I've been practicing... probably not as much as I should be though. And Rhapsody in Blue is coming along. Just not quite as far as I'd like to be. Also, guitar is hard! (Though my whole impatience/annoyance with not being able to play like this girl {gee whiz I'm so jealous of her talents.} after only having it for a month might not be helping.) Anyone have any tips?

So far, I'm feeling a wee bit discouraged at my progress. But, I have 6 weeks left until school starts. I can do this, right?

Guess I've just got to step up my game.

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