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by - 7/23/2010

So, remember my dad?

He's pretty much a computer genius.

He's been spending all his spare time for the past few months writing this nifty software program for the PC.

It's called Sync Your Tunes.

It's a program that helps you manage your music!

Most of us keep our music and video collections on multiple machines, and frankly it is a mess trying to keep them synchronized. You have your desktop at home, your daughter's laptop and your machine at work. Keeping your music synchronized on all of them has been a huge pain. Until now. SyncYourTunes solves those problems and more.

It's incredibly simple and easy to use, and it has so many great features, including:

  • Synchronize songs and playlist on multiple machines
  • Supports music, video, playlists
  • Retrieve songs from iPods
  • Add orphaned files to iTunes
  • Remove songs from iTunes where the file is no longer available
  • Install on up to 5 machines

  • And also, coming soon,

  • iPhone and iTouch support
  • Full and Incremental iTunes backup
  • Auto playlist creation based on Album and/or Artist
  • and more!

  • The things I like the best about it is he created a way to move playlists from one computer to another, as well pulling songs off of iPods, and all with just a few clicks!

    It's not completely finished, but it's nearly there. He does have a beta (test) version that you can check out. (Check it out!!!)

    He would also really appreciate feedback on what he could improve about the program before he puts the finishing touches on it. It's really easy to send him any comments, questions, or concerns you might have about the program. Just click here.

    Of course, all the information I've put on here can also be found on his website, but there's a lot more to see! So, head on over and check it out his site and sign up for his awesome program, and get your music organized today!

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