Oh, hi.

by - 8/02/2010

Just thought you'd want to know, I didn't fall off the face of the earth or anything.

I'm just kind of having blogger's block.

My life just isn't that exciting at the moment......

But, I'm heading to Washington with the fam to visit my grandparents this weekend, and then from there, we're heading to California!! I'm soooo excited.

And, also, I'm ready for school to start! Mainly though, I'm really excited to go back to my cushy library job. I love it.


Oh, and by the way... Jennifer Lopez as the new American Idol judge?! Yikes. I think I'm done with that show.

So long, farewell. Hopefully I'll have something exciting to tell y'all soon!

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4 comment{s}

  1. Yeah, that's the nail in the coffin of me never watching American Idol again.

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  3. ash.
    i feel like i haven't talked to you in ages.
    oh wait, i haven't.
    i will be back soon and we must reunite.
    also i got kicked out of american idol auditions this week.... long story..... but i definitely won't be watching this season.

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