I Dreamed a Dream

by - 9/10/2010

If you know me at all, you know I have veeeeeeerrrrrry strange dreams.

And they rarely ever make any sense.

Usually, when I try to explain them to people, they just look at me like I'm crazy.
(which, if you're judging my subconscious/unconscious mind on my dreams alone, I'd say that wouldn't be a far-fetched assessment.)

I worry though, do my crazy dreams mean something? Or is my mind just a ca-fuffle of weirdness? I know Freud had his speculations on dream interpretations, but none of them were really grounded in factual information...

But, if anyone has any brilliant interpretations of my dream last night about Jack Black (a very long-haired ponytail-ed Jack Black) painting an outhouse orange and green with my Grandma in my backyard, all while entertaining my cousins and the entire BYU Football team (dressed in their game-day gear) with intermittent dancing and singing....

Please, enlighten me.
(Seriously. I'm not makin this up.)

P.S. After seeing Inception, I wouldn't be surprised this happened to me either.

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