No Comprende

by - 9/13/2010

I do not claim to be a fashion aficionada. In fact, I am nowhere near that. I have my own sense of style and what I think is cute or not, and I stick to it. There are many things on the runways today that I think are adorable, and others that I can simply dismiss with a "Well, I would never wear that, but if they think it's good-lookin, more power to 'em!"

But there is one thing as of late that I simply can NOT wrap my head around. I've tried. Tried to see the attractiveness or even usefulness of this one particular item of apparel, but the reasoning behind it is completely beyond me. What is this, you ask?

Those flip-flop and/or peep-toe boot thingamajigs.

Correct me if I'm wrong, (because I will never ever test them to find out) but doesn't it defeat the whole purpose of a boot to have your toes sticking out of the end of it? And what's the point of wearing a pair of "flip-flops" that make your legs all sweaty? Yuck. I am seriously revolted. Was this honestly an intentional thing? I'm more prone to believing that some absent-minded person in the shoe factory accidentally cut a hole in one of the boots and instead of risking getting in trouble with the boss, decided to come up with a campaign to make them the next big thing. The thing that really kills me though about this awful crime of "fashion" is the fact that the people are paying top dollar for these nasty things. I wouldn't pay any amount of money for them no matter which celebrity says they're "chic" or how fancy the leather is. Bottom line, you had better believe you will never catch me - alive or dead - in those things.

However......... with that being said, I will give the fashionistas of the world this:
I guess some of the ankle versions are somewhat tolerable.

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  1. I have never seen those boots before, but like you say, more power to them! Hahaha the trend I can't stand is girls that wear leggings around campus, especially when it's like -20 outside. Crazy fashion trends!


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