And My Hair Turned Blue.

by - 11/01/2010

Arianne, Me, and Emily: Fellow Piano Majors.
(shh, don't tell... but they're my favorites!)

Highlights of my Halloweekend:
  • Dressing up on Friday with all the piano majors (and our professors) for the annual Youth Conservatory Halloween Carnival. 'Twas a blast.
  • Having insanely blue hair and getting funny looks from people while walking home (even though the fumes from the spray-dye were AWFUL and I couldn't breathe for like 10 minutes after I did it)
  • Going through the "Spook Alley" at the carnival and getting candy thrown all over me by Emily when she got scared, and having Professor Amano jump out at us at the end and laugh his head off at how scared we were.
  • Seeing Professor Hirst in jeans, a mullet wig, and tattoo sleeves! (Have I mentioned how much I love seeing my professors in these silly situations?)
  • Seeing my students successfully perform their Halloween pieces in recital. So incredibly rewarding! I couldn't have ever imagined how awesome that would feel.
  • Seeing Seussical with my beautiful roommate.
  • Watching Anastasia and Hocus Pocus (that's about as scary as I'll go for scary movies. I hate the legit scary ones)
  • Having 15+ people over to our awesomely Halloween-decorated apartment for a Sunday dinner
  • "Gross-out" desserts at ward prayer
  • All-around great memories.
It was a perfect end to the whirlwind that was October. I can't believe how fast time has been FLYING this semester!

Happy November!!!

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