blah blah blah

by - 11/11/2010

that's how I feel.

lots of stress.
not enough sleep.
getting a cold.
finger cramps.
due dates. deadlines.
"you need to practice more. there. I said it." - piano teacher
frigid freezingness.
hate Thursdays. (waaaaaaaaay toooooooo loooooooong)

I know.... WAH, WAH, WAH, somebody call the WAHmbulance.

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  1. Ashley, I hope you are doing better and you were able to get some R&R this weekend. Thanks for your example to me, I think you are simply incredible! Don't forget how amazing you are and don't let your piano teacher get you down...knowing you, I bet you sounded incredible and your teacher was just being snotty. We only have about a month left and Thanksgiving and Christmas ahead of us! You can do this and I think you are awesome! Have a great week! Love ya!


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