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by - 11/29/2010

Well, my friends, I can't think of a title for this post, but....

I did it. I cut my hair.
Da da da da! (to be said all fanfare-like)

(you can click on it to enlarge it a bit)

you like?
Holy moly. It's the greatest decision I've ever made.
So much easier and faster to do.
No more static.
No more getting hair caught in zippers and desk chairs and car doors and seat belts and.... okay maybe I'm just a klutz. (or not maybe.)
But seriously though. I can't even handle how much I love it.
You may think it's not really that different. And it's not that short. But my hair has been the same way FOREVER. (except for when I cut it last year, but that was a "safe" length for me, and as soon as my bangs grew out my hair started to look exactly the same as it had before.)
This is the shortest it's been since elementary school, folks.
(have I mentioned how GLAD I am that I did it?)

In other news.....
My Thanksgiving break was the best EVER. And it was much-needed. I got to come home a day early and miss an extra day of work because of the "storm". BOOYAH! I got to spend TONS of time with the BEST family in the world, did some shopping, watched movies, ate entirely too much food, played Just Dance (best Wii game ever invented), slept in, got to see my sister sleepwalk, and so much more... seeing these adorable kiddies and meeting little Luke (below with his big sister, Olivia) for the first time! My cousins have cute kids, no? Seriously, I die over this picture. They are both so so so so cute.
Gah. I am so lucky.

And finally, here is a video my talented uncle Mike made of pictures he took of the cousins being crazy on Thanksgiving - Just Dancin' and Pyramidin' and all.
Oh, and that is my grandma in the first picture... pretty much the coolest grandma ever. And we were all laughing so hard when she put those glasses on and did the peace sign for the picture. Love it.

Hope your break was as good as mine!!
Only 2 1/2 weeks til the next one!

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  1. Okay...I have seen commercials for Just Dance 2 and my family keeps making fun of me for wanting it. I'm telling them about this and how much you and your fam likes it. Annnndddd...CUTE HAIR!!!! You always look so purty though! You are so brave, I can never go above the shoulders. I love my long hair too much, but maybe I'll change one day. Good luck with finals and everything in the next two/three weeks!!


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