The End is in Sight

by - 12/13/2010

Bleh. Finals.

I hate that we have finals right smack in the middle of December.

I so wish we could get them done before Thanksgiving so that the entirety of the holidays could be spent at home surrounded by pretty Christmas lights and hot chocolate and blankets and Christmas movies and music and family and happiness. Our home teachers came last night and asked us all to share a few of the traditions our families do at Christmastime. And as soon as I started talking about mine, I wanted to just be home doing those things SO badly.

But, alas, more than half of the Christmas season for a college student is spent studying, stressing, sleepless.
(Can you tell I'm getting burned out here?)

I've had a rough couple of days....
And I'm just sooooooooooo beyond ready for it all to be over.

I've been studying psychology so much, I think my brain might just explode.  It's gotten to the point that every time someone says something that's bothering them or tells me about a thought they had that was out of the ordinary, I start mentally trying to figure out what disorder they should be diagnosed with. What's worse is I've started doing it with myself too. It's getting ridiculous, people.

The few things that have been keeping me sane through all my studies:

Pandora Radio. I'm 100% positive that if Pandora didn't exist I would not be able to endure the endless hours I spend immersed in my textbooks.

Weekly emails from my cousin Johnny. He's on the mish in Pennsylvania and I absolutely love reading his emails to the family every Monday morning.  They make me laugh and it releases so much stress.

My wonderful parents, and my amazing roommates. They all still love me and listen to me even though I complain a lot and they have just as much or more to do than me.

And lastly, that by Wednesday at 9:30 a.m., I will be done with this insane whirlwind of a semester!

The end is in sight, people.

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  1. Ashley, I think you are done with finals CONGRATS! Another semester done! You are incredible and I don't know how you do everything you are one busy woman! I hope you get to come home and just relax for a couple weeks. Enjoy the holidays! Love ya lots, Catherine


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