Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

by - 12/23/2010

Or, as we like to say in my family, Merry Christmas Adam! (hoho! see what I did there?)

It's weird.  This year, I haven't really been getting much into the spirit of Christmas.
Just call me Mr. Scrooge. Or Grinch. Whatever you prefer.

It's just that when all the stress of school reaches its highest point right at the time you're supposed to feel all Christmas-y and happy and joyful, you can't really think about both things at once. At least I couldn't. And this year I just stuck to feeling stressed, unfortunately.

Plus, with the lack of any form of snow whatsoever, it's been really hard to picture Santa coming down that chimney in a few nights.  I was almost surprised to see the Christmas tree up when I got home last week.  What is wrong with me? I don't like it.

However, being home for a few days now has helped me get into the spirit a bit. And now that I have, it's actually starting to make me sad that Christmas will be over in just two short days! Whaaaaaat?

So, in one final effort to make myself feel Christmas-y in the few days I have left, I'll share some of my favorite Christmas things:

Memories: here and here
Cinnamon rolls
Christmas Eve pajamas
Progressive dinner
Ham and cheesy potatoes
Christmas lights
My mom saying "Christmastime is secret time" whenever we ask where she's going
Seeing old friends
Our BYU Christmas tree
Christmas music

This movie:

This song:

(and their whole Christmas album)

There's so much more, but for now I think this will suffice.

So glad I did this. I feel much better now!

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  1. White Christmas and Karen Carpenter...YES. That's my kind of Christmas. Love this post!

    "Happy Christmas, Ashley!" said in a British accent ;)


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