Sorry, I'b Sig.

by - 1/19/2011

{Translation: Sorry, I'm Sick.}

I've lost count of how many tissues I've used times I've said those words this week.

To my fellow Aggies,
You think I come to school like this inwardly cackling with glee at the thought of spreading my bacterium to every person in sight?

Alright, you caught me.


I know my germ-spewing coughs, though they are - quite graciously - into my sleeve and not your face, are disgustingly appalling, and I'd probably back away from me with a horrified expression too.

But please trust me when I say I'd stay home if I could and spare everyone the chance of catching this bug.

Stinkin' College taking over my life.

Doesn't anyone at that place I call the-death-of-me school realize that all I need is 24 hours (I'd take 48, but I'm thinkin that's too much to ask) straight in my bed with breaks only for some chicken noodle soup and hot chocolate? Could we just put classes on hold 'til I'm better?



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  1. Oh no! That's the pits. I hope you feel better soon and get some good R&R this weekend!!!


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