New Year... New ME.

by - 1/05/2011

I know, I know. Everyone makes new years resolutions. And 90% of resolutions are kaput by St. Patrick's Day...........

Okay. So I might have made that statistic up. But I've heard something to that effect somewhere, I think we all have, and there's probably some truth in it, right?

My point is, this year, I
really want to accomplish my resolutions. And for me, the best way to do that is to set simple goals. And not too many. I've tried setting 10-12, or even more, and they all fall by the wayside before too long because it's just too much. The most success I've ever had with goals was last summer. They were very doable, I was highly motivated, and although I wasn't perfect, I think I stuck to them pretty well.

So, with that same mindset, I began making my goals for 2011.

I've been thinking a lot about what I want to accomplish this year. I started by writing down a great deal of different things, then narrowed it down, then threw that list out and started all over. And repeated the entire process a few times. Every time I wrote things down, something about them just didn't feel right. One of my top things was being more healthy. I started out thinking about a specific amount of weight I wanted to lose, and I put that in my goals. But even after making it "official" (which in my mind means writing it on a clean peace of paper with different colored markers) the things I wrote down just didn't feel final to me.

I had no idea why nothing was feeling right.

Until I read
this post.

I'm well aware that not everyone will agree with the sentiments expressed in this post (as evidenced in the comments section). But it
really inspired me, and sent me into a whirlwind of thought after thought after thought until I came to this profound spiritual realization for myself. I don't need to be rail-thin to be beautiful. I don't even need to be a certain weight to be beautiful. I just need to be happy with me, and the body I was given.

However, this doesn't mean that I'm just gonna go gung-ho, willy-nilly, eat-every-fattening-thing-in-the-universe on myself. I think as God's children, and in knowing that our bodies are temples, we have a spiritual obligation to take care of ourselves. And if you truly pay attention to Janna Dean's words, I really think that's what she's saying. We need to listen to our bodies. Part of my problem lately has been just that - I eat too much before I realize that my body is screaming at me to stop, and then it's too late and I feel horrible.

On top of this, how many prophets and apostles have counseled us to take care of our bodies and exercise? I have been majorly slacking off on this too. Folks, I ran a
half marathon last summer -- a short 4 months ago, to be exact -- and I'm pretty sure I couldn't run 3 miles without severe pain at the moment. How sad is that?

One of the things that really struck me from Janna's post was her advice on completely giving up the Negative talk about your body. What I think we don't realize is that when we talk ourselves down, we just spiral deeper and deeper into a black hole of negativity. This got me thinking about President Uchtdorf's talk "
Of Things That Matter Most" from this past conference. He talked about cultivating 4 key relationships, one of these being with ourselves. He very wisely said, "It may seem odd to think of having a relationship with ourselves, but we do. Some people can't get along with themselves. They criticize and belittle themselves all day long until they begin to hate themselves... Learn to see yourself as Heavenly Father sees you --as His precious daughter or son with divine potential."

Anyway. To conclude all my ramblings, I'd like to present you with my top resolution. This year, I want to be the best me I can be. And how do I do that? By taking care of myself. I'm going to be healthy for me. Not to be the most beautiful or the skinniest or the one all the guys go after, but to feel comfortable in my own skin. To be happy with the way I am. I know this road will be hard; we all have bad days, not to mention the media throwing images in our face of how we're "supposed" to look. But I'm not going to let it get to me anymore.

I'm just going to be me.

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  1. Dear Ashely,
    This post makes me happy! We should be healthy inside and out. Would you like to work on our healthy outside sometime?
    Note: I can not run a mile without feeling in serious pain. So you may be on your own when it comes to running.
    P.S. You are gorgeous already :)


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