Thoughts on T-Swift and Other Things

First of all, I would just like to say I don't know how I feel about this video:

Kinda.... boring, right? I think they could have made it evoke a LOT more emotion than that.  I don't know.


School is here, kids. And it's already kicked me in the shins, slapped me in the face, and stepped on my toes with really tall stiletto heels.  I just definitely was not eased into it this semester at. all. It was so blissful there for a while, you know. It was like "la-tee-dah, it's Christmas break! la-tee-dah, I'm gonna sleep in til 10 every day! la-tee-dah I don't have school for FOREVER!" and then all of a sudden, WHAM!!!! Why don't you wake up before the sun and any sort of heat whatsoever and here's 9 million pages of homework and 9 billion dollars worth of books to buy and 9 trillion pounds of books to carry to class everyday and please accept 2 new students and "get your students ready for monster concert in two weeks!!" and here's 3 new songs to learn for juries and how about another book to buy and read by next week and sign up for practice rooms NOW and give me all your money and NO! you can't eat! there's no time, or money since you just gave it all to your education! Don't they understand I need some time to adjust to real life?

Obviously not.


I have a new roommate! Her name is Wendy. She's from Hong Kong. And she is the cutest girl in the history of the world. Oh, and the skinniest.


I went to the field house this week! Be proud of me! Also, a really attractive guy got onto the treadmill next to me today, and I sort of wished he hadn't. Why? I'll tell you. Unfortunately, I look pretty darn awful when I'm exercising.  I'm not one of those girls who comes back from a 10 mile run looking all fresh and cute and not a hair out of place. I'm quite the opposite. But you know I was totally checkin' him out... too bad he wasn't returning the favor. 

I hate hate hate hate hate HATE the smell of cigarette smoke on people. Gah. It makes me gag. To the sir I was forced to stand next to for a good 5 minutes yesterday, you reeked. And ya know, I'm sorry that I plugged my nose. I feel bad, but it's probably better than throwing up all over you.  


I really want my guitar right now. But I don't have any place for it in my apartment. It's collecting dust in my closet at home. Sad day.


I don't know why I decided to separate all my thoughts with asterisks.


I once lost the spelling bee because I didn't know how to spell asterisk.....

Should those last two have been considered separate thoughts?

Okay I should probably stop now.

Happy {LONG} Weekend, friends!


Lindsay Kay said...

Haha, what an entertaining slew of thoughts :) I'm going to have to watch this video when I have my earbuds...and am not in class... ;) shhhh

Catherine Anne said...

Good luck with all you have to do! It's so crazy diving back into real life and trying to keep your head above water. I have all the confidence that you can do it! And T-Swift's vid was kinda boring...and the guy is most definitely not as cute as Taylor Lautner...I love the song though!