by - 1/25/2011

I've been thinking a lot about these people lately:

{Madrigals, '07-'08, on our NYC trip.}

This was seriously one of the best years of my life.
I miss it.

And, all these boys are coming home from their missions 
this. year.
Some are already home!


Since when did I become old enough to have returned-missionary friends?

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5 comment{s}

  1. Oh my... That picture almost made me cry. I agree... that years was amazing!

  2. We had the missionaries come to our house the other day asking where someone in our ward lived and I thought as they left, "I'm probably older than at least one of those guys." So weird!

  3. Oh shooties!! I miss us!! Crap, now I'm sad.

  4. Just wait till you're old enough to feel awkward about dating a newly returned missionary because they're "too young" mwer mwer. I too miss Madrigals! Good times.


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