The Fringe

by - 3/09/2011

Okay, kids.
I'm getting my hair cut tonight.
And I kind of want to change something again, but I also want to grow my hair back out.
So, I feel like my only real option is possibly changing my bangs.
Here is the question:
Side bangs again (for the zillionth time)?

Or straight-across?

I can't decide.

I loved the straight-across bangs when I had them... but I have been told that they make me look younger (although I've also been told that I will always look young just because of my hair color). And there is that whole Logan's constant wind+bangs=they-split-in-the-middle-and-I-look-like-a-freak factor to think about. And they need constant upkeep (trimming), which is pretty near impossible for me since I live an hour away from my hair lady, I don't have a car, and I kind of don't trust myself with a pair of scissors. But, the nice thing about straight-across is that they're versatile so I can also wear them to the side if I so desire.....


This always happens to me. I wait until the last second to think about these things.
What do you think, friends? Side bangs or straight-across?
Or do you have any brilliant suggestions on other ways I could change up my hair without chopping lots of length off or dyeing it?


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