Slightly Random

by - 4/06/2011

  • Sometimes I fix my hair using the back of my iPod.  It doubles as a great mirror.
  • Speaking of hair, my hair has been in a ponytail every single day for the past 3 weeks, except for the weekends.  And I kind of don't care.
  • USU has this Zombies vs. Humans game going on right now. And while it is humorous to see someone running away from a whole pack of people with nerf guns, or hiding in a building waiting for danger to pass, it's quite annoying when you almost get knocked over by a mob of zombies running to catch their prey.
  • I taught a class of 8-year-olds about Beethoven last week for a grade, and I think it went really well. Why, you ask?  Quick history lesson:  In Beethoven's time, when the King and Queen would enter a performance hall it was customary for the public to give them three standing ovations. However, when Beethoven's 9th Symphony (Ode to Joy) was performed for the first time, the public gave him five! Well, guess what.  After I finished teaching my lesson to these cute kids, they gave me ten standing ovations! It was the most adorable thing ever.  I almost cried. I love teaching so much.
  • Also when I taught, one of the first things I told the kids was "Beethoven was born in 1770.  That was a reeeeeeeeally long time ago."  Then, Gary (cutest kid ever),  raises his hand and says "were you born??" with this completely serious, kind of squinchy look on his face. I laughed so hard!  Kids are the greatest.
  • I love Taylor Swift.  But when people blast her songs in the parking lot at 11:30pm and scream along with it (off-key) at the top of their lungs, I don't love Taylor Swift so much.  Or those people.
  • General Conference was AMAZING!  Oh, I loved every minute of it.  My weekend was so fantastic.  I got to spend time with my cousins, hold an adorable little baby, and just forget about school, relax, and enjoy life. So wonderful.
  • This App is kicking my trash, and it rocks.  I heard about it over here.  (Isn't her blog the cutest?)
  • I have a car this week!!  I love being able to run to the store for one thing I need without having to bug my roommates. I didn't even realize how much I took having a car for granted until I didn't have one.  That's always how it goes, right?
  • And, finally, the reason I have the car:
The whole fam went on vacations without me. The punks.

Have a lovely day!

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  1. I hate that the kids have their spring break different from the colleges, but I love that we get out a month earlier than they do :) I saw your blue car behind me this morning by Parrish Lane and I got really excited, but then I looked back and it was your sister on the way to school hahaha. Love ya, Ash! Good luck with finals!


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