by - 5/11/2011

Well, I'm back home for the summer.  Again.  And although I love my fam, and having a full-size closet (those Old Farm closets are a joke) I was a little sad to leave Logan this time.  I made a lot of new friends this school year and I enjoyed myself far more than I ever thought I could in that arctic winter land.  I've also started to really like being a music major too! FYI: I had quite the 'tude about that for a while, but that's a story for another time.

I kind of get freaked out by how fast time flies sometimes. I know everybody talks about that as they get older, but I swear on my life that I just did this:
Kari Lee and I, best friends since 2nd grade, at high school graduation
 or this:
Tom Sawyer, 9th grade musical theater production
 or even this:
Okay, just kidding.  I can't remember back that far.

Seriously though, I feel like I just moved into that Old Farm apartment and now I'm all moved out of it.  I'm going to be a junior in College in the Fall.  That fact alone, according to certain family members, makes me really old.  Am I old? I don't feel old!! If I still feel like I can curl up on the couch with a Disney movie and some red koolaid and graham crackers (I know, weird, but it was my snack of choice for a loooong time), does that mean I'm not old yet?

In other news, tomorrow I will be wisdom-less.  At this point in the post I was going to tell this absolutely horrible story that my roommate told me about one of the first brain surgeries ever performed.  But, after typing it out, I decided it's not something anyone wants to read about. However, if you haven't already gathered, I'm a bit nervous.  I know wisdom teeth surgeries aren't usually a big deal, but I have a tendency to have these extremely rare or unheard of issues when it comes to my teeth (another story for another time).  I'm sure I'll be fine, but wish me luck!!!

Oh, and too bad for you, but Lortab does virtually nothing to me other than make me tired.  So you won't be seeing any funny videos of me saying/doing crazy things.  Although, if you're looking for a laugh, watch this video.  It's hilarious.

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