"Oh! I Didn't Know You Had an Older Sister!"

by - 6/01/2011

I don't have an older sister. I am the oldest, thank you very much. But for some reason, since my younger sister, who is almost 18, is like 7 inches taller than me, clearly that means that I must be the younger one.

She's the one to the left of me. This isn't the best picture to illustrate my point, since she's bending her knee and slouching a little bit.  But you get the idea. Oh, and yes, those are the "Full House" houses. If you were wondering.
We get that all. the. time.  Including last night at her seminary graduation.  She sang, I accompanied... as usual.  Afterward people were asking how old her "younger sister" was. When it was answered that I am almost 20, everyone looked at us like we were crazy.  

My sister thinks it's hilarious. But when I'm 40 and she's 38 and people are still asking about my older sister, we'll see who's laughing then.

- - - -

Speaking of my sis, let's talk about her for a moment, shall we? Her birthday is coming up next week and I just realized that I never did a birthday post for her last year.  I know, I'm horrible. But I will now try to redeem myself.

My sister and I, being so close in age (and me being the little control freak I was as a child), used to fight all the time.  We couldn't even be in the same room without an argument occurring.  Or some sort of slapping fight. Ha. But, magically, once we both grew up and matured a little bit,  we suddenly became best friends.  It's fabulous.  We tell each other everything.  And we have so much fun together.  In fact, just the other night, when I got home from a friend's house I went in her room and we chatted in her bed for an hour and a half.  Granted, by the end she was begging me to leave because she was so tired, but we both knew she secretly loved it. 

I'm so proud of my sis and the person she has become! She's been through a few hard things these past few weeks but she just keeps pushing through it with a smile on her face.  Soon, she'll be down at BYU making all the college boys swoon.  

I love you, sista! Happy Graduation tomorrow, and Happy Birthday next week! Thanks for being my best friend!!

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