by - 7/26/2011

I am a very impatient person. This has been exhibited a lot the past little while....
  • I'm getting bored of summer.  It's really starting to get monotonous.  I do the same things every day, every weekend... (Here's where you say "well why don't you do something different then?" and I say "shh, I'm trying to make a point here). I just want to school to start. SOOOOO bad.  My new roommates and I have been emailing back and forth, they sound super cute and I'm just ready to get into my new apartment already!
  • Today I took my car in for its annual inspection. It passed, woot! But I waited there for almost 2 hours.  I was seriously dying.  I read an entire magazine cover to cover and then I just sat there crossing and uncrossing my legs and looking out the window every 2 seconds to see if they'd pulled my car up yet. 
  • I want to lose weight.  I've been saying this for a while and I'll spare you the whining details.  But I get frustrated when I am really good for one day and exercise and then I don't see a change in my body. I mean, DUH I'm not going to see a change that fast.  But wouldn't that be awesome?
Man.  I wish I could take a peek at my book of life.  You know, the one that is on hand up there in Heaven? I think it would be pretty awesome if they could just send that down for, like, 10 minutes so I could thumb through it and see what's going to happen tomorrow.  Or in a few weeks.  Or several years down the road.  I hate just waiting for things to happen... Like Mr. Right, for example.  I know I'm only 20, and I'm not saying that I want Mr. Right this very second.  But wouldn't it be fabulous if I could just see when he's going to show up so I don't have to wonder? And also so I can make sure I look extra cute that day?
Okay, all kidding -- and rambling -- aside, I recognize that I just need to learn how to be more patient.  And maybe Heavenly Father knows this too and that's why I've been "tested" so much lately (even if it's mostly in trivial things).  A wise man I know once told me "Never pray for patience, because then you'll learn patience the hard way." And it's true, the only way to learn patience is to actually exercise it. Blah.  If only there was some other way. However, at times like these I think of Mrs. Vetter, the best sub in Elementary School. Here are her wise words:

"Patience is a virtue; virtue is a grace; those who possess it have a pretty face!"
(And we all want to be pretty, right?)

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