Breaking the Rules

by - 8/24/2011

Guess what, guys.  I saw this adorbs lil thing on another blog. And... I'm pretty sure that technically you're supposed to be tagged to repost it but I'm breaking the rules and doing it without a tag.  Are you excited? Good.

A. age: 20
B. bed size: king, soon to be twin when I move back to school
C. chore you hate: weeding. Ick.
D. dogs: I've had two.  And although I loved them, I didn't love the mess.  I probably won't have one when I'm older unless it can be an outside dog. 
E. essential start to your day: breakfast! I can't skip it. When I'm running late I eat it on the way to wherever I'm going.
F. favorite color: I can't ever choose between turquoise, blue, and purple.  Love them all.
G. gold or silver: Silver!!!! Gold washes me out
H. height: 5'3"
I. instruments you play: Piano! Woot! And workin' on the guitar.
J. job title: custodian (for 2 more days and then hopefully never again), student assistant at USU library
K. kids: someday. I want at least 5.  Maybe 6. Although everyone says the number changes after you have a few. 
L. live: Farmington! Soon to be Logan again! Yay
M. maiden name: ...Benjamin...
N. nicknames: Ash, Ash-Pants (this one was started by my sister and has now been adopted by my work friends thanks to her writing it on my car.  Awesome)
O. overnight hospital stays: once when I was 9? I had a seizure in my sleep and had to go to the hospital.  I've grown out of those though, don't worry.
P. pet peeve: starting a movie and not finishing it. Drives me NUTS. Back in junior high or high school I'd always beg my mom to let me stay at friends houses til the end of movies even if it was ridiculously late because it annoyed me that much.
Q. quote: "Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved" - Thomas S. Monson
R. righty or lefty: Righty! 
S. siblings: 2 sisters, 2 brothers.  I'm the oldest. 
T. time you wake up: For work this summer? 5 am. By choice? 9:30 am. The time my body has decided to get up everyday after getting up at 5 all summer? 7:30 am.  Awesome.
U. university attended: Utah State! Still have 2 more years. 
V. vegetables you dislike: Pretty sure I like them all... 
W. what makes you run late: When I try something with my hair that I've never done before and it doesn't work.  Usually. I have only slept through my alarm maybe 3 times in my life. 
X. x-rays you've had: 900 trillion teeth x-rays.... and I think my arm when I sprained it. 
Y. yummy food: Shepherd's pie, Kneader's French toast, Cafe Rio, Subway's raspberry cheesecake cookies, my mom's poppyseed bread... I could keep going but I'll stop.
Z. zoo animal favorite: Probably the giraffe.  I haven't been to the zoo in several years. Maybe it's time to go back. 

And, since I broke the rules and did this without a tag, you can too! Feel free to steal this and post it on your blog (with your own answers of course) if it tickles your fancy. Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Haha I love this! Also, you only asked your mom to stay so we could talk about boys longer :)


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