Expecto Patronum!

by - 8/31/2011

When you have one of these in your hand, it's extremely impossible difficult to not pretend that it's a wand. And, halfway through my conducting class, I gave into the temptation and had a Harry Potter spell fight with Bradley (my hilarious piano major friend) for about 2 straight minutes. It was extraordinarily nerdy, yes, but awesome.  I love school. And being immature and childish sometimes.  Life is just more fun that way.

Sidenote: I also love that I was able to get a BLUE parking pass today! Online I could only get a yellow and I was super bummed about it.  But I exchanged it in the parking office because I heard a rumor there were more blue ones, and now I can actually park on campus! Woot woot! Awesome day. 

Time to tackle the homework.

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