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Left: my paint-splattered beat-up shoes that I wore all summer. Right: WXHS

Well, another summer has come and gone. I'm moving back to Logan tomorrow, school starts on Monday, and I couldn't be more excited! This also seems like a good time to take a moment to say "farewell" to my summer job. For the past 3 summers I have worked at Woods Cross High School. It's been... interesting.  To say the least.  The first summer I absolutely hated every second.  I was literally counting down the hours til 3:30 pm from the moment I got there at 7. The people were scary (as in, gave me waaaaaay too much information about their personal lives that sort of scarred me for life) and I just didn't like it. I even ate lunch in my car everyday because I didn't want to talk to any of them.  I was more than relieved to get out of there the second the summer was over.

Then, my first year of college passed and summer was coming quickly and I realized there was no way I could attend school the next fall unless I had a good summer job.  I searched my little heart out for other things but in the end I found myself with no option but returning to WX. I was mad. I even cried about it a little.  But I went anyway.  I don't remember much about the beginning of that summer, but I do remember that I made the decision to be more open and talk to the people surrounding me there, just to see what happened.  And guess what, it was a miracle: I made friends! And we started eating lunch together everyday.  We played this card game -- Five Crowns -- every single day.  I started realizing that I had things in common with the people I worked with.  They made me laugh, and I had a good time.  When that summer ended I was even a little sad to see my time there go.  But I was sure I wasn't going to go back for a third summer.

Then, almost an exact repeat of the scenario above, I decided that I had no other option but WX and went back again.  But this time I already had my friends made and it was just great.  Although I didn't love the 6am-2:30pm shift, I survived it and my body actually became so used to it that I didn't mind getting up that early by the middle of the summer.  I started discussing Harry Potter with my friends there, and I turned two of them into fellow obsess-ees. One of them bought all 7 of the movies, and the other one watched 3-7 which he had never seen before (I know, it's a sin!). It was great. We had so much fun this summer.  We laughed, joked, and even got in "trouble" a couple of times but the boss loved us so much that even that wasn't a problem. What I'm getting at with this very journal-entry-like blog post is that although it may sound crazy, I've learned to enjoy being a custodian at a blazing hot high school! I did the exact same thing this summer as the other two summers, but this time around it was a blast.  Even though there were bad days, I'll still look back at this job (this summer especially) with mostly good memories in mind. 

Honestly, I'm very pleased with myself.  Surprisingly, cleaning a high school helped me learn a whole lot about myself.  I can do hard work.  It's possible to enjoy something originally deemed as horrible.  I can make friends with people that I'm positive I have nothing in common with. And finally, I learned that if I rely on the Lord (which I did constantly this summer) that I can be happy even when I have bad days. I think that's pretty awesome if I do say so myself!! Hoorah for a summer well-spent (and money well-earned) and for an awesome school year to come!

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