First Day of School!

by - 8/29/2011

Behold, a really cheesy, grainy, first-day-of-school
 picture of me taken super fast with self-timer on the camera.
Well, the first day of school has come! I only had one class today so I thought I'd have it pretty easy... boy oh boy was I wrong. I didn't take into account that I also had to work and T.A. and then I had 3 one-hour-long meetings right in a row.  After all this was said and done, it was 6:45pm.  And I was exhausted.  And it was only the first day, people! Has anyone in college heard of easing people into the stress? Apparently not.  On top of all this I got like 9 trillion emails about all the stuff I have to buy and start practicing and the people I have to call and blah blah blah.  Let's just say, by the looks of it, it's going to be one CRAZY semester.  After I realized this, I was on the verge of having a breakdown in my car, but then I talked myself out of it (which I thought was impossible, seriously).  I know I can do this, I'm just going to have be very committed to getting things done. If I work hard (probably harder than I ever have in my life) and pray A LOT this semester, I'll be fine. I just hope I can fit in some social time, too.

Aside from all the stress, I'm loving being back in Logan. It's such a beautiful place.  And my apartment is great! I have my own room which is quite possibly the best decision I've ever made. I absolutely LOVE it.  I loved sharing a room with Miss Kim last year, and freshman year was fine, but having my own room just adds an amazing level of freedom.  My roommates are also fabulous.  I've lived with Cami Jo since freshman year and she is amazing.  Love her so much.  And the other two, Lorin and Mckell, are freshmen.  To be honest I was worried about living with freshmen again but they are so cute and nice and fun. I really lucked out this year!

However, the best thing by far about my apartment is the couch. I like Mckell's description the best: 
"It looks like a Thanksgiving dinner from the seventies threw up on it". 

It's a beauty, I know.

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