"Gus, Don't Be a Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie."

Does anyone love this show as much as I do? (Well, besides Amy Jo, my sister and brother, and my cousins...)

Not to mention I find them both very attractive...
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I am hooked, kids. I said I was earlier in the summer, but it wasn't true. I liked it, but I watched maybe one episode every couple of weeks.  But now, I am. 100%. But the horrible part is, I have become hooked at the worst possible time. I'm on season 3 and all I want to do is spend my entire day watching it.  However, I highly doubt I'll have time to watch it at all during the week. I fear this is going to be a very difficult temptation to resist... Help?

P.S. I think these short posts are going to become a trend on this here blog for a while. Just FYI.


Catherine said...

Oh my. So glad you are a Psych-o TOO! I love Psych sooooo much!! When we got Netflix in June, I spent at least four hours every weekend watching Psych. Love it!!

Amy Jo said...

I have seen every single episode of psych at least once and I still have the urge to spend my entire day watching. It's an incredibly hard thing to resist! It's hard to survive without at least one episode..